Global Warming

Global Warming is quite likely the most serious and threatening problem of the new century. Nature's protective blanket of greenhouse gases (GHG) has been disrupted by increased fossil fuel combustion, throwing the earth's climate out of balance. The United States is the single largest producer of these harmful gases, contributing nearly 25% of global greenhouse gas emissions each year. Texas is the largest contributor of greenhouse gases in the US. In fact, if Texas were a nation, it would rank seventh in the world in carbon dioxide emissions.

Public Citizen's Texas office has long been committed to curbing global warming statewide. The most sustainable, long-term solution to global warming is replacing dirty, fossil fuels such as coal and oil with clean, renewable energy from nonpolluting sources like solar and wind power. Increasing energy efficiency and conservation measures play significant roles also. Our top priority is advancing the adoption of these and related measures to adequately and effectively meet the global warming challenge.

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